Avion Logisitics Limited

SWITLIK Parachute Company has been designing and manufacturing safety and survival equipment since 1920.  At SWITLIK we know that in a life or death situation, there is no room for compromise. That's why we cut no corners in or efforts to continually improve our products to provide the widest margin of safety for all those who travel by sea or air. Lives depend on us.

Our products include United States Coast Guard and Federal Aviation Administration approved life rafts, life vests, rescue platforms, exposure suits, all types of military specifications safety and survival equipment, and other survival products for the leisure yachting market. No other manufacturer offers this wide a variety of equipment - or this superior a quality.  For four generations, the Switlik family has been building and putting its name on only the finest safety, survival and rescue equipment.  This tradition of excellence has made us the first choice of serious and experienced aviators and yachtsmen around the world.

What constitutes excellence in safety and survival equipment? Pride in craftsmanship and genuine concern with:

 Research and Development

You don't remain on top by allowing others to pass you by. That's why SWITLIK has always been a pioneer in the development of safety and survival equipment.  We've lead the industry year after year in the introduction of new materials, better construction, and the creation of innovative and better designs to save lives.

Effective Design

Life-saving equipment must be on -board and accessible to be effective in life-threatening situations. SWITLIK life rafts and life vest are lightweight and compact for easy, convenient stowage aboard aircraft and marine vessels.

Performance-Proven Materials

Safety and survival equipment often remains packed away and unused for months at a time under varying temperature and humidity conditions. But it still must be ready to perform at a moment's notice.  For this reason, all SWITLIK equipment - from an entire raft down to the smallest accessory-is constructed from only the finest materials.  These materials are thoroughly tested and proven to withstand typical storage conditions without deterioration or malfunction.

Quality Control

All SWITLIK products must pass our rigid quality-control procedures that have been approved by the Federal Aviation Administration, United States Coast Guard and Department of Defense. In addition to these government requirements, we test to our own more stringent specifications.

Our unequaled years of experience in producing safety and survival equipment has brought us many honors.  SWITLIK is the world's leading manufacturer of military, commercial, and leisure yachting approved life rafts, airline life vests as well as other rescue equipment.  So when it comes time for you to put your trust in survival equipment think SWITLIK-The Survival People.




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